Quality Assurance

Khoisan Trading Company (Pty) Ltd incorporates strict quality assurance procedures in its production and its products are SABS certified and carry the SABS 1st Grade mark, assuring consumers of premium quality products. We are compliant with an internationally recognised food safety system, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), which requirements include Good Management Practices over Critical Control Points certifying safe food products holding no risk in terms of contamination and safety. Khoisan’s sea-salts are also Kosher compliant.


Khoisan Trading acknowledges its responsibility to the environment and of having a low carbon footprint, unlike industrial salt manufacturers, producing ‘table’ salt, which is 99.9% Sodium Chloride containing added chemical agents to keep salt dry and free-flowing, who have amongst the highest carbon footprints with their vacuum pan systems, mechanical harvesting, boilers and crushers, all of which use a tremendous amount of electricity or gas in their manufacturing process.

Khoisan Trading has a low carbon footprint as a result of its natural, organically processed sea salt products and its organic certified by-product gypsum, which are manufactured using solar and wind energy, and which are unrefined and hand harvested in the traditional way. An added benefit lies in adding organic, natural sea salt to products used by wholesale and retail companies who will receive carbon credits for generating eco-friendly, low carbon footprint products sold to the public.

Social Responsibility

Khoisan Trading employs people from the local community of Velddrif which is an ongoing investment and upliftment in an area which is suffering economically due to cutbacks in fishing permits. At Khoisan we take our responsibilities for the welfare and development of our employees seriously and in this regard the company works closely with Fair Trade Associates who ensure that employees are treated fairly e.g. safe and healthy working environment, pension, upliftment in the form of furthering employees’ education, as well as financial assistance with driver’s licenses and with employees’ children’s school fees.