Our Factory



Khoisan Tradings’ factory is located in a light industrial area in Velddrif.   The company has ensured that employees experience a positive working environment by providing outside views as well as making the most of the available natural lighting and ventilation.

At the factory, the hand-harvested sea salt is placed in gauze lined baskets and into a drying room where it is left to dry gently.  Thereafter, the salt goes through a sieving process where the sea salt is stringently checked for impurities and is sieved according to specific product requirements namely: coarse salt for grinders, fine salt for table use, extra coarse for bath salts.  Where required, seaweed (which is milled and dried at the factory) and/or various herbs are added to produce the flavoured sea salts range. The special sea salt pearls are made by tumbling natural sea salt in a circular drum which forms the beautifully shaped cylindrical balls. The sea salts are thereafter packed into various packaging e.g. 500g Packets, 1kg Packets, Boxes, Shakers, Grinders or Glass Jars which are then labelled and packed into boxes for distribution.

The factory follows strict HACCP and Good Management Practices to ensure that all measures and controls are in place in order to achieve a very high standard and premium quality product which is expected by all our clients.

Khoisan is committed to the welfare and skills development of employees to maximise their potential and their successful contribution to the company.  Khoisan’s staff complement comprises permanent and bi-weekly staff that enjoy all mandatory employee benefits as well as additional benefits provided through our association to Fair Trade.  Occasionally, during high season, Khoisan employs staff on a contract basis as and when required.

The positive and dedicated management style, together with the favourable working environment and employment benefits, has contributed to a low staff turnover resulting in 75% of staff being employed with the company for more than 5 years.