Location & Source

Khoisan Trading Company (Pty) Ltd is situated in the heart of the West Coast between the Berg River and St. Helena Bay in the village of Velddrif.

Velddrif is a small fishing village which has become a popular destination for tourists to the Western Cape, offering an abundant species of bird life for enthusiastic bird watchers, as well as fishing, sailing and a beautiful environment with a spectacular showcase of veld flowers in Spring.


Our Source

Our Atlantic Ocean source of sea salt is free from the effects of heavy industry, with the Benguela current coming from the Antarctic.

Our pristine ±400 year old brine is pumped from an underground seawater lake (Aquifer) –  at the Velddrift Salt Works, on the shores of St. Helena Bay, where the sea water filters through beds of sand  and shell, providing additional calcium.  This pure brine has a most distinctive and memorable taste.
Khoisan Seasalt’s latest test results have been carried out by Peter Johnson Laboratories, with no pollution or micro-plastic particles found during testing. (22nd March 2018).